Three Types of Commercial Kitchen Oven for Your Restaurant

Commercial kitchen oven is important if you decided to open up a restaurant. The overall performance of a commercial oven is way greater than the standard house oven. Here are three commercial kitchen oven suitable for your restaurant such as menumaster oven, etc.

The cook and hold oven, slow cooker, and heat maintainer

This type of oven is great for food that doesn’t have to be served as soon as it is done. The available cabinet on the oven is used to place the food and warm them at the same time. The cook and hold oven is best for cooking meats, vegetables, and bread. This is because the oven works extremely well in low heat cooking, greatly reduce food shrinking while in the cooking process. The slow cooking time makes this oven not suitable for a busy restaurant that need freshly cooked food to be served. But, those type of restaurant can use cook and hold oven for preparation recipes. In addition, the cook and hold oven can be used along mid to low ventilation systems.

The deck oven, perfect for bakery

The deck name is associated by the heavy stone shelf inside the oven at the bottom. The stone will be heated and you can place the food directly at the stone to cook it. This type of oven is great for bakery shops or pizza that produce a large amount of bread because the heat from the stone elevates the overall taste of, unlike any other commercial kitchen oven. Unfortunately, this special heating system is not suitable for general kitchen purposes. The stone needs to be pre-heated multiple times and the food will chip away the heat from the stones in a cooking process.

The rotisserie oven, great for meat-oriented restaurant

Rotisserie oven has a rotating spit for a large amount of meat to be cooked at the same time. This way of cooking allows the meat to maintain its tenderness and juiciness. Inside the oven, a container is used to rotate the meat similar to a carousel. The container will constantly spin in front of the heat source for an evenly cooked food. This commercial kitchen oven can also cook vegetable by changing the container.

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